Freelance Writing

“Don’t be a writer, be writing.” – William Faulkner

Do you need a word? Or maybe more than just one? Do you need a string of words to tell a tale? A collage of words to paint a picture? A polished piece of prose to entice readers to your website? Then let me help. I am a self-confessed wordsmith and I am willing and eager to freelance write for you.

I am a writer with over twenty years’ experience, across many different writing mediums and categories. I am a frequent content writer for blogs and websites. I have created content for IOS and steam based games. I have written historical resources for children, and am a published ghostwriter.

I have ten-plus years in the health and human services sector, writing and researching specialised content. I have a Bachelor of Arts, Rural Social Welfare degree and am an experienced academic writer and editor.

Work with me and you will be working with a professional who will offer you;

– an analytical mind

– curiosity and depth

– attention to detail

– a creative process

– conscientiousness and honesty


How I can help

*Denotes ten plus years in the health and human services sector; experienced in aged care, disability, mental health, dementia, family violence.