Jessica Bakkers


Do you need a word? Or maybe more than just one? Do you need a string of words to tell a tale? A collage of words to paint a picture? A polished piece of prose to entice readers to your website? Then let me help. I am a self-confessed wordsmith and I am willing and eager to freelance write for you.

I am a creative and freelance writer with over twenty years of writing experience. I write to express myself, I write to help my clients express themselves, and I write to live… or rather, I live to write.

I have ghost-written novels in the genres of fantasy / romance and paranormal / romance, however my genre of choice when it comes to writing for myself is dark fantasy where I can allow myself to fully explore the anti-hero characters that pepper my stories.

I dabble at poetry and write professionally for clients internationally, however the major aim is to complete my upcoming book, Guns of Perdition, and see it published by the end of 2017.

My major love affair is with the written word; specifically creative writing. I allow myself to indulge and rendezvous with this secret lover whenever time allows… and then we make beautiful poetry together!

Contact me to to discuss your wordsmithing needs!