Sentient Limbs

Pet peeve time again! So, I'm reading a book and suddenly I'm hit with this; Jennifer couldn't let Paul die. Her hand reached for him. Or maybe it's this; Jennifer had to get away fast. Her feet started down the narrow alley. See the irk? See the splinter stuck under my thumbnail? Sentient limbs! Jennifer's … Continue reading Sentient Limbs

…ing verbs!

I just started a book by a prolific author whom I admire greatly (as a person) and before the first chapter is finished I realised it's going to be a DNF (Did Not Finish). The plot might be engaging, I don't know, I haven't gotten far enough in. What's putting me off is the *over-the-top … Continue reading …ing verbs!

Deep breath… ARGH!!

Sorry. I just had to scream. I am SO close to the end of Guns and have NO time to work on it! Between a demanding job and pain in the arse health issues (yeah and let's add family in there for good measure), I'm just not getting the solid time I need to finish. … Continue reading Deep breath… ARGH!!