Excuses and Explanations

No, I haven't done a runner and no I haven't been abducted by space aliens and probed vigorously (well, not that I'm aware of)... But I have been absent on WordPress of late. I have also written a total of ZERO words in the past three weeks. Both of these occurrences are correlated with this; life happens. … Continue reading Excuses and Explanations


Like the image? It's a metaphor. For me. Right now. I'm mired in the mud. My creative brain has taken a holiday leaving me with anxiety, procrastination and hypersensitivity. Consequently, any work on Guns of Perdition has come, much like this truck, to a grinding, sucking halt. I'm 70% finished my WIP and have the … Continue reading Mired

Where do you do your writing? 

Where do you do your writing? Have you ever tried to write somewhere other than your nook? Do you frequently write elsewhere? I remember reading how J K Rowling wrote Harry on the train on her way to work - not sure if it's true or not but if so, bloody hell! How's she do … Continue reading Where do you do your writing?