Lit Power

Literary agent; friend or foe. As I come to the pointy end of my first novel and contemplate how best to publish the beast, Ive begun thinking of all the options available to the burgeoning writer. This has led me to think about literary agents. In days of self-publishing, hybrid publishing, traditional publishing, where, oh … Continue reading Lit Power

Couple Trouble

Following on from my little rant about having trouble reading, being the picky writer I am and thus focusing on grammar over story, I'd like to ask everyone about this little conundrum. Consider this; "A couple days ago, Callie had a premonition that I needed to go to the strait to help." (from "Gods and … Continue reading Couple Trouble


Like the image? It's a metaphor. For me. Right now. I'm mired in the mud. My creative brain has taken a holiday leaving me with anxiety, procrastination and hypersensitivity. Consequently, any work on Guns of Perdition has come, much like this truck, to a grinding, sucking halt. I'm 70% finished my WIP and have the … Continue reading Mired