I’m (mostly) back!

Well, it's been an...interesting...few weeks. There was a planned holiday disrupted by a crack COVID lockdown, a make-shift holiday to the local beach, a birthday ending with a zero, an incredible birthday surprise from dear husband, a huge medical emergency in the family, and an acute bad back (mine). There has been very little writing, … Continue reading I’m (mostly) back!

Sins of the Lamb teaser

Ever wondered how Grace Dyer, that uncouth gunfighter from the Wild West, might behave at a swanky dinner party? Well, here's a sneak peek (extracted from Sins of the Lamb, The Armageddon Showdown Book II): Ethel launched into an excited description of her upcoming gala event. “It will be the ritziest blow of the century! A masquerade ball. … Continue reading Sins of the Lamb teaser

A Brief Update: The Good, The Bad, and Two Uglies

The Good - my muse has been kind this week. Either my muse, or the nagging compulsion to get Sins of the Lamb out of draft format and into editing stage. Whoever was responsible, I've managed around 3,500 words this week (so far), and hope to sneak that up to 5K by tomorrow. Inspiration behind … Continue reading A Brief Update: The Good, The Bad, and Two Uglies