Deep breath… ARGH!!

Sorry. I just had to scream. I am SO close to the end of Guns and have NO time to work on it! Between a demanding job and pain in the arse health issues (yeah and let's add family in there for good measure), I'm just not getting the solid time I need to finish. … Continue reading Deep breath… ARGH!!

Songday Sunday – Bad Company

“Music has the charms to soothe the savage beast.” Welcome to Songday Sunday  Today’s song is the quintessential Jessica-Bakkers-Character-Archetype song. 'Bad Company' by Bad Company is the very soul of every major character I have written to date. I am in love with the bad boy/girl, the anti-hero, the brooding curmudgeon who gets drawn into a good/evil battle on the … Continue reading Songday Sunday – Bad Company

Anything But Books Tag

I recently saw this post on Sydney's Shelves and it tickled my fancy. So without any more waffle I give to you my version of Anything But Books. I tag you all to take up the challenge and share yourself with us as I now share me! 1. Name a cartoon that you love. Childhood or … Continue reading Anything But Books Tag