Deep breath… ARGH!!

Sorry. I just had to scream. I am SO close to the end of Guns and have NO time to work on it! Between a demanding job and pain in the arse health issues (yeah and let's add family in there for good measure), I'm just not getting the solid time I need to finish. … Continue reading Deep breath… ARGH!!

Writing Update; Guns Blazing

Another marathon writing session on my WIP today. 6,500K done! Plagued with the old 'but is it good enough' thoughts at the moment but I'm just swallowing those doubts and ploughing on regardless. Can't let ifs and maybes stymie me. After a lot of investigation and research, I've decided to send Guns off to a … Continue reading Writing Update; Guns Blazing

My final word

Do I start with dear diary? Dear journal? That sounds so trite. What about, hello friend. Are you though? My friend? It seems I have so few nowadays. No friends, just a breakup. Ugh. I promised myself I wouldn't write about it. Wouldn't stain your pages with words about The Break Up. But I guess … Continue reading My final word