Book Review – Spellbound: A Horror Anthology

"Spellbound: A Horror Anthology" is the fourth book in the horror anthology series - compiled by award winning author, Dan Alatorre, and featuring talents such as Robbie Cheadle, Geoff Le Pard, Dabney Farmer, and many more. Like the previous anthologies, this short story collection is all about chills and thrills, with its horror stories playing … Continue reading Book Review – Spellbound: A Horror Anthology

Home Again

I'm back! Holidays are over (sniff sniff), but they had the desired effect...I'm refreshed, ethused, and ready to make 2021 my bitch. I've started a new schedule, that allows me to write for an hour and a half every weekday morning. I can get around 1,000 words done in this time, which amounts to 5,000 … Continue reading Home Again

Author Interview!

Yes, I am on holidays! And yes, I said I wouldn't be around... but... I have to point you all in the direction of Victoria 'Ray' and her fabulous blog, as she's featured yours truly in an amazing author interview! I was over the moon to do the interview, and so deeply thankful to Ray … Continue reading Author Interview!