INFJ Problems – Masks

Hi. I'm an INFJ... and I'm a mistress of the masquerade. When Halloween comes around, I often feel the greatest costume for an INFJ is to go unmasked. Just for one night, to show the world who she really is. It will never happen of course. We rarely wander without our masks in place. But... Continue Reading →

INFJ Problems – Vulnerability 

Hi. I'm an INFJ... and I'm as vulnerable as a dune bug in a hurricane. Why are INFJs particularly vulnerable? It's because we're m&m's at heart; hard outer coating, and a soft gooey inside. And like m&m's, our outer coating doesn't take much to crack and reveal the soft vulnerable inside. We're vulnerable inside because... Continue Reading →

INFJ Problems – Observation

Hi. I'm an INFJ... and I don't miss a trick. INFJs are often thought of as being clairvoyant or psychic. We are often told we're intuitive and empathetic. All of this may be true to some degree, but one simple reason why we always seem to know what's going on is that we're observant. Keenly so.... Continue Reading →

The Pen is Mightier…

I finally got back to writing today. Not editing book 1, not rereading or editing book 2, but actual writing... and like any other muscle, my writing muscle is out of shape! I only got 1300 words done for a whole afternoon of effort. Woe. Boo. But, I'm writing again and that means book 2... Continue Reading →

What Made You? Top Five TV Shows…

After an initial idea from Mae Clair, over at Story Empire, I've been inspired to write a series of posts exploring the multimedia that impacted, inspired and impressed me... and essentially, made me the writer and person I am today. Over this series of posts, I will be exploring the books that influenced my writing, the movies... Continue Reading →

Holiday Snaps – part 1

Back from holidays and thought I'd share a few snaps from the holiday. Not very inspired to write at the moment so I might not be around as much for a while. In the meantime, enjoy Tasmania... Tasmania - Australia's Little Island

What Made You? Top Five Books…

Dear Mae Clair, over at Story Empire, posted an interesting commentary on the five books that had an impact on her; essentially the books that helped make her, well, her! It got me thinking about the things that have made us. The books that influenced our writing, the movies that shaped our views of the... Continue Reading →

What Inspires You?

What inspires your writing? D Wallace Peach mused about reading and how it impacts your writing, but what else impacts or inspires you and your writing? For me, it's mostly music and images. To that end, here's a couple of things that inspired Guns of Perdition. Bringing Home The Rain - The Builders and the... Continue Reading →

Damaris the Elephant Goddess

This piece comes in response to D Wallace Peach's Speculative Fiction Prompt. If you haven't popped over to 'D's' website then get over there and have a gander! While there, have a crack at the prompt... Damaris the Elephant Goddess Damaris had carried the world on her back since time began. In the beginning it... Continue Reading →

A Book Haven

Caution; article contains book porn... A second hand bookstore... in a cellar... made by convicts... in Tasmania. Why yes, I'd love to go and have a look! We'll hit up The Book Cellar (cool name) in Campbell Town, Tasmania when we head off for two weeks over Easter. I'm just a wee bit excited.

The Land of Words

Come one and all to visit The Land of Words, home of Daniel Scott White - creator and director of the very wonderful Longshot Island magazine (and more recently, Unfit and Unreal Magazines). Daniel was recently extremely proud to have eminent author Daniel Wallace feature in an edition of Longshot Island - Small Choices: "You... Continue Reading →

A dog by any other name…

I've been thinking a lot lately about my beloved, late dogs - Holly and Shilo. Long time readers will know my girls were my everything and it's been so hard since they crossed rainbow bridge. While musing on them, I started thinking about all the names we called them. Now, I'm not sure if this... Continue Reading →


I know. I suck. I don’t even want to think about how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. I could give you all the reasons under the sun for my absence but really it comes down to motivation... and mine wandered off mid last year. It was a shit of a year. I lost both... Continue Reading →

Excuses and Explanations

No, I haven't done a runner and no I haven't been abducted by space aliens and probed vigorously (well, not that I'm aware of)... But I have been absent on WordPress of late. I have also written a total of ZERO words in the past three weeks. Both of these occurrences are correlated with this; life happens.... Continue Reading →


So I just had a random email pop up from a guy who followed my Skyrim fanfic 3 odd years ago when I wrote and posted it on SkyrimNexus. He messaged me to say he was starting to reread my series for the 4th time. The 4TH TIME! Holy hell! Let me give you some... Continue Reading →

Published short story

I was asked to write a piece for Longshot Island's online and print magazine. If you're interested, you can read my piece, Pain Relief, here. While there, check out the rest of their awesome magazine!


The writing muscle begins to stir... It started with some simple backstory for a computer game character. Then I was asked to write a short piece of fiction for an upcoming magazine. Then... today I began editing Guns of Perdition. I am stirring once more from my slumber. NB: I know it's been heinously long... Continue Reading →

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