Hot Properties

My pal, Dave, posted an awesome "game" on his blog earlier and I was so impressed, I just had to do it for myself.  Here's the gist; the idea is to provide a list of a few properties - TV series, movies, comics, novels, games - that I'd love to write, given the chance.  So … Continue reading Hot Properties

Songday Sunday – Hurt

“Music has the charms to soothe the savage beast.” Welcome to Songday Sunday  Today’s song is by country king, the man in black, Johnny Cash. Cash's repertoire of powerful songs is long and many have impacted upon me, but none more so than 'Hurt'. This introspective song of self-deprecating honesty was the soundtrack behind a … Continue reading Songday Sunday – Hurt

The Outcast’s Bloghouse Wlecomes… Staci Troilo

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is powerhouse writer and super supportive blogger, Staci Troilo. Staci is one of those writers that I gush over and send embarrassing comments to when she posts one of her fantastic (and usually twisted) flash fiction pieces. Her writing really is second to none! As well as … Continue reading The Outcast’s Bloghouse Wlecomes… Staci Troilo