The Writing Magic

Why do we write? During the long hours of editing, the critiques and rewrites, the formatting and marketing, we might find ourselves asking this... why the hell do we write? We write for when the Writing Magic happens. As a planster (a plotter AND a panster) I have an outline divided into chapters, each chapter... Continue Reading →

Update and News

A quick update - I haven't dropped off the face of the earth... it's just been a tough few months. We lost our second, and last, doggie this month - a mere six months after losing her sister. I kind of went into meltdown and didn't really want to have anything to do with anything.... Continue Reading →

Writing Update; Guns Blazing

Another marathon writing session on my WIP today. 6,500K done! Plagued with the old 'but is it good enough' thoughts at the moment but I'm just swallowing those doubts and ploughing on regardless. Can't let ifs and maybes stymie me. After a lot of investigation and research, I've decided to send Guns off to a... Continue Reading →

Lit Power

Literary agent; friend or foe. As I come to the pointy end of my first novel and contemplate how best to publish the beast, Ive begun thinking of all the options available to the burgeoning writer. This has led me to think about literary agents. In days of self-publishing, hybrid publishing, traditional publishing, where, oh... Continue Reading →

Back on the horse

So I started writing again today! I picked up where I left off on Guns of Perdition; the beginning of the fourth act. After an extended break it amazed me to find words flowing, ideas burgeoning and the old familiar irritation at having to stop. A good sign for the completion of 'the beast' I... Continue Reading →

WIP novel update

By now, I'm sure you all know that I'm laboriously working on my debut novel, Guns of Perdition. I had planned to self-publish this WIP in December, however I've recently decided to try the traditional publishing route. This means Guns of Perdition may not be released in 2017 or possibly 2018. It depends if I... Continue Reading →

Songday Sunday

"Music has the charms to soothe the savage beast." I've been ruminating on how much music means to me. Music has the ability to lift me up, to make me cry, to take me away from this world. Music is also a major influence on my writing. I am either inspired by music or use... Continue Reading →

It’s a question of editing

We've all heard various writers, agents, publishers and editors say "always hire a professional editor." This is never more correlated than where self-publishing is concerned.  So my question is this; are editors really necessary. Let's assume that you are a writer of some skill. Let's also assume you go through the many number of drafts... Continue Reading →

Prologue – The Wheel Mages

I've just read the prologue of Aimee Davis's "The Wheel Mages". It's got me instantly hooked. It promises high fantasy and sounds like it deals with elemental magic (my favourite brand of magic). After reading her impressive prologue, I'm off to amazon to see what's for sale! Check out Aimee's prologue here: Source: Prologue - The... Continue Reading →

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