Humans – Top Dogs or Lumbering Giants

I shared my shower this morning with a tiny garden spider. Or rather, he calmly sat on one of the tiles while I cowered in the corner trying to flick water at him. This turn of events got me thinking. Humans are (supposedly) the Top Dogs on Earth. Nothing beats us. We are the supreme intellect … Continue reading Humans – Top Dogs or Lumbering Giants

Hot Properties

My pal, Dave, posted an awesome "game" on his blog earlier and I was so impressed, I just had to do it for myself.  Here's the gist; the idea is to provide a list of a few properties - TV series, movies, comics, novels, games - that I'd love to write, given the chance.  So … Continue reading Hot Properties

The Seven

Violent thunder clouds broil.  Pots and pans of the soul. Dark hearted, unclean. Turbulent. Unethical for greater gain. Heedless who it hurts. Slash and burn it all to win. Miasma. Heavy lidded eyes droop with despair’s dirge. Lacklustre, dull. Malaise.  Gorging on juices sucked. Flesh stripped to the bone. Sated and slaked. Bloated. Wanton acts … Continue reading The Seven