Couple Trouble

Following on from my little rant about having trouble reading, being the picky writer I am and thus focusing on grammar over story, I'd like to ask everyone about this little conundrum. Consider this; "A couple days ago, Callie had a premonition that I needed to go to the strait to help." (from "Gods and … Continue reading Couple Trouble

Why I Can’t Just Read Anymore

So, one thing I've learned as a writer... I can't just read for enjoyment anymore. Being a writer has permanently wrecked reading for me. And that sucks. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. I've recently purchased a new series on Kindle that I don't really know much about - ok, … Continue reading Why I Can’t Just Read Anymore

It’s a question of editing

We've all heard various writers, agents, publishers and editors say "always hire a professional editor." This is never more correlated than where self-publishing is concerned.  So my question is this; are editors really necessary. Let's assume that you are a writer of some skill. Let's also assume you go through the many number of drafts … Continue reading It’s a question of editing