Editing Update and TBR

My long weekend of solid editing didn't quite go as planned. I did sink uncountable hours into the task and I did get a crick in the neck for my troubles. But I only got half the beast edited. And, as dear hubby pointed out, I'm editing on paper which means I still need to … Continue reading Editing Update and TBR

The Outcast’s Bloghouse welcomes… Davide Mana

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is the man of mystery – Davide (Dave) Mana. After his parents disappeared under an avalanche while exploring the Himalayas, Davide Mana was raised by the monks in a Tibetan monastery where he learned mentalism and the ancient superscience of Lemuria... That would be cool, isn't it? … Continue reading The Outcast’s Bloghouse welcomes… Davide Mana