Book Reviews

Looking for a new read? Not sure what to try? Or maybe you want to see your own book 'up in lights'? Check out my Book Reviews page and get an idea what your next read might be, or see if one of your books has been read and reviewed by yours truly. I'm even... Continue Reading →

Book Reviews

I don't post book reviews here - or rather - I haven't posted book reviews here in the past. Chiefly, this is because I'm usually too busy to READ. However, I have made a point of finding time this year to read, so consequently, I've actually finished a few books (yes, and there were a... Continue Reading →

A Thrill and Indecision

Goddamn what a fucking thrill it is the first time you see your front cover! Especially for your debut novel! That was my joy yesterday when my extremely talented cover artist, Jennifer, from Indie Designz, showed me the first draft of Guns of Perdition. Thrilled is actually downplaying how I felt. So now I'm back to that... Continue Reading →

A Book Haven

Caution; article contains book porn... A second hand bookstore... in a cellar... made by convicts... in Tasmania. Why yes, I'd love to go and have a look! We'll hit up The Book Cellar (cool name) in Campbell Town, Tasmania when we head off for two weeks over Easter. I'm just a wee bit excited.

WIP novel update

By now, I'm sure you all know that I'm laboriously working on my debut novel, Guns of Perdition. I had planned to self-publish this WIP in December, however I've recently decided to try the traditional publishing route. This means Guns of Perdition may not be released in 2017 or possibly 2018. It depends if I... Continue Reading →

Guns of Perdition – an excerpt

I promised an excerpt of Guns of Perdition and I am a woman of her word. Without any further to-do, here's an excerpt from Chapter Twenty-Five He cried out and woke in a dark room. Thick velvet curtains were drawn across the window. Behind the curtains, Johnny could see the grey light of pre-dawn. He sat... Continue Reading →

Don’t judge me

So you've written your epic novel. You've painstakingly edited it, got your beta readers onto it and hired a pro to polish it and make it shiny. But guess what? All that is going to mean precisely jack if you front cover looks like this; But wait! Aren't we all taught as toddlers that most... Continue Reading →


So here's a question to all those who have gone before me and have a book(s) published. I don't care if it's indie publishing or traditional, my question remains the same. How the bleep did you do it? I posted off a query email to my local ISBN Agency just asking about purchasing ISBNs for... Continue Reading →

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