Book Reviews

Looking for a new read? Not sure what to try? Or maybe you want to see your own book 'up in lights'? Check out my Book Reviews page and get an idea what your next read might be, or see if one of your books has been read and reviewed by yours truly. I'm even... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Spellbound: A Horror Anthology

"Spellbound: A Horror Anthology" is the fourth book in the horror anthology series - compiled by award winning author, Dan Alatorre, and featuring talents such as Robbie Cheadle, Geoff Le Pard, Dabney Farmer, and many more. Like the previous anthologies, this short story collection is all about chills and thrills, with its horror stories playing... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Viral Blues – C.S. Boyack

After reading - and thouroughly enjoying - C.S. Boyack's romp, "The Hat", I knew I had to follow up as soon as possible with "Viral Blues". Going into "Viral Blues", I expected another funny, entertaining (and deadly) adventure featuring Lizzie St Laurent and her talking hat. What I didn't expect was an esemble piece featuring... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Sophia von X -Victoria Ray

I recently got to reading Victoria Ray's adventure/thriller romp, Sophia von X - what a ride! This book reads like an action-packed adventure film (think National Treasure), with a liberal dose of philosophical mystery (now think The DaVinci Code). The story follows Sabina Ferrara, a young woman carrying her own weight of emotional baggage from... Continue Reading →

Book Reviews – Dragonlance Saga

BEWARE - SPOILERS You would have all heard me talk about the Dragonlance Saga and credited these works as being largely responsible for my love of reading and writing. I - literally - grew up with these books. However, it's been a long time since I last read them. A looooong time. So, I decided... Continue Reading →

Book Reviews – June, July, August

What have I been doing over the past few months? Let me tell you... a SLOG. The Witcher Series - Andrzej Sapkowski That's to say, I've been knee-deep in reading a massive series by Andrzej Sapkowski based on his Witcher character, Geralt. In my last Book Reviews post, I mentioned I'd read the short story books and was just starting on... Continue Reading →

Book Reviews

As per usual, I haven't had a lot of time for reading, but what I have read has been wonderful (except for two DNFs). Below I've jotted down some thoughts (and links) to those I've read.  Oathbreaker's Guild - The Rose Shield Book 2 - D. Wallace Peach "Oathbreaker's Guild" is a continuation of D. Wallace... Continue Reading →

Book Reviews

I don't post book reviews here - or rather - I haven't posted book reviews here in the past. Chiefly, this is because I'm usually too busy to READ. However, I have made a point of finding time this year to read, so consequently, I've actually finished a few books (yes, and there were a... Continue Reading →

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