It's been a very busy week in my day job this week. Unfortunately, that translates to 'it's been a crap writing week', or rather, editing week. I've hardly looked at my manuscript all week. I'm intending to do a lot this weekend, however I'm nursing a bit of a sinus infection so I mightn't get … Continue reading News

Two booms and a huh?

So I had two booms and a huh? moment today. If you don't speak 'Jessica' you'll have no idea what gibberish I'm spouting, and since only three other people that I know of speak 'Jessica', let me explain... My first boom was learning Scrivener today. I looked at a few tutorials, thought blah! and just … Continue reading Two booms and a huh?

Guns of Perdition- update

So life and time have a way of being distinctly unfriendly to writers. I have had lots of life and very little time which means not much progress on Guns of Perdition. I am now resolved to write 2.5k words per day until I finish. Maybe a commitment like this will keep me on track! … Continue reading Guns of Perdition- update