Short Stories

I have qualifications and experience in writing professional content and work that can stand up in academic circles. I write blogs and web content nearly daily. I see this work as ‘bread and butter’.

To me, creative writing is cream. And boy do I love cream!

Published Works

I have been published by Longshot Island online and print magazine. Follow this link to read my short story, Just a Human Tale

Creative Writing

I have been writing creative pieces since childhood, and while I like to think my writing has improved, it is with childlike enthusiasm that I approach creative writing.


I am the proud ghostwriter of two fantasy / romance series’ sold on Amazon. But… I can’t tell you which ones!


I am halfway through a new novel which is for all intents and purposes my “baby”. This novel will be released December 2017 and more information can be found in the Guns of Perdition page.

Short Stories

I have a written a number of short stories, and I present to you a selection for your reading pleasure!

The Handsome Man



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