Creative Writing and Poetry

I have qualifications and experience in writing professional content and work that can stand up in academic circles. I write blogs and web content nearly daily. I see this work as ‘bread and butter’.

To me, creative writing is cream. And boy do I love cream!

Creative Writing

I have been writing creative pieces since childhood, and while I like to think my writing has improved, it is with childlike enthusiasm that I approach creative writing.


I am the proud ghostwriter of a fantasy / romance series sold on Amazon. But… I can’t tell you which one!


I am halfway through a new novel which is for all intents and purposes my “baby”. This novel will be the first in a fantasy / historical trilogy set in Rome 411AD.

If interest is great enough I will post teaser chapters in my blog!


My poetry began (as it inevitably does) as an outlet for the emotions I couldn’t otherwise express. I have a portfolio of hundreds of poems, largely unread, although one of my most prized possessions; a handwritten letter from singer / songwriter Nick Cave, assures me that I have some talent in poetry!


From the hand of the man himself!


And now… some of that poetry;

Click for “Unidentified Fear”

Click for “Final Grace and Glory”

Click for “Winter”

Click for “The Pedestal”



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