Shake Your Soul

Hi ho all, I'm here to encourage you to go and check out a new blog, ShakeTheSoul. I read a post by Shake where she describes her former obsessession with perfection. She then goes on to discuss how liberated she is after having learned how to ditch the perfection bug. A perfect piece for INFJs … Continue reading Shake Your Soul

Why INFJs make the worst best writers

So I've come to the end of my INFJ Problems series, but I've decided to keep with the theme and explore some of the best and worst careers for INFJs. What better start than the INFJ writer. This post, from March, is what started me off on my exploration of INFJ problems and serves to … Continue reading Why INFJs make the worst best writers

Hot Properties

My pal, Dave, posted an awesome "game" on his blog earlier and I was so impressed, I just had to do it for myself.  Here's the gist; the idea is to provide a list of a few properties - TV series, movies, comics, novels, games - that I'd love to write, given the chance.  So … Continue reading Hot Properties