INFJ Problems – Complexity 

Hi. I'm an INFJ... and I'm complex.  A lot of folk can claim to be complex but if you meet someone with a fun personality and a sad soul in one package, chances are you're talking with an INFJ.  Our confused souls often leave us feeling at odds with our own complexity and until we … Continue reading INFJ Problems – Complexity 

INFJ Problems – Addition

Hi, I'm an INFJ... and I suck at math. I'm not talking about complex math or even algebra, calculus or trigonometry. No, I mean simple addition. Let me give you an example... Demand + Supply + Return On Investment = one depleted and frustrated INFJ. I'll break this down. Demand   "Come out to this party/event/social … Continue reading INFJ Problems – Addition

INFJ Problems – Warped Sense of Humour

Hi. I'm an INFJ...  and I find the most inappropriate things funny. You know when you're at a social gathering having a lovely conversation about Jill and her pet rabbits? You're discussing how she and Roger take care of their rabbits. They feed them and look after them and have had five litters now. Then … Continue reading INFJ Problems – Warped Sense of Humour