WIP novel update

By now, I'm sure you all know that I'm laboriously working on my debut novel, Guns of Perdition. I had planned to self-publish this WIP in December, however I've recently decided to try the traditional publishing route. This means Guns of Perdition may not be released in 2017 or possibly 2018. It depends if I … Continue reading WIP novel update

Guns of Perdition – an excerpt

I promised an excerpt of Guns of Perdition and I am a woman of her word. Without any further to-do, here's an excerpt from Chapter Twenty-Five He cried out and woke in a dark room. Thick velvet curtains were drawn across the window. Behind the curtains, Johnny could see the grey light of pre-dawn. He sat … Continue reading Guns of Perdition – an excerpt

Inspiration behind Guns

I have been listening to the soundtrack I've made for Guns of Perdition and thought I'd share some of the songs with you'all as well as some images that have inspired me regarding this upcoming novel. This might give you'all an idea if what to expect from Guns... "Bad Company" - Bad Company https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww5GXbk58R0 This … Continue reading Inspiration behind Guns