Editing Purgatory

There's a common saying among writers; editing hell. I submit to you that I'm currently in editing purgatory. Why purgatory, not hell? Well, the task is hellish. The pain in my back burns like hellfire. My eyes sting like I'm staring over the abyss of eternal torment... but I'm editing in one of the most … Continue reading Editing Purgatory

A WIP No More

Oh my God! My WIP - Guns of Perdition - is finally finished! And it only took 3-something years! Ok, I'll admit it. If I realised it was only going to take me a solid day of writing to get the damn thing finished, I'd have done it last year. But I didn't. Now, I … Continue reading A WIP No More

Update and News

A quick update - I haven't dropped off the face of the earth... it's just been a tough few months. We lost our second, and last, doggie this month - a mere six months after losing her sister. I kind of went into meltdown and didn't really want to have anything to do with anything. … Continue reading Update and News