INFJ Problems – Observation

Hi. I'm an INFJ... and I don't miss a trick. INFJs are often thought of as being clairvoyant or psychic. We are often told we're intuitive and empathetic. All of this may be true to some degree, but one simple reason why we always seem to know what's going on is that we're observant. Keenly so. … Continue reading INFJ Problems – Observation

INFJ Problems – Vulnerability 

Hi. I'm an INFJ... and I'm as vulnerable as a dune bug in a hurricane. Why are INFJs particularly vulnerable? It's because we're m&m's at heart; hard outer coating, and a soft gooey inside. And like m&m's, our outer coating doesn't take much to crack and reveal the soft vulnerable inside. We're vulnerable inside because … Continue reading INFJ Problems – Vulnerability 

INFJ Problems – Masks

Hi. I'm an INFJ... and I'm a mistress of the masquerade. When Halloween comes around, I often feel the greatest costume for an INFJ is to go unmasked. Just for one night, to show the world who she really is. It will never happen of course. We rarely wander without our masks in place. But … Continue reading INFJ Problems – Masks