Why INFJs make the worst best writers

So I've come to the end of my INFJ Problems series, but I've decided to keep with the theme and explore some of the best and worst careers for INFJs. What better start than the INFJ writer. This post, from March, is what started me off on my exploration of INFJ problems and serves to … Continue reading Why INFJs make the worst best writers


Like the image? It's a metaphor. For me. Right now. I'm mired in the mud. My creative brain has taken a holiday leaving me with anxiety, procrastination and hypersensitivity. Consequently, any work on Guns of Perdition has come, much like this truck, to a grinding, sucking halt. I'm 70% finished my WIP and have the … Continue reading Mired

Don’t judge me

So you've written your epic novel. You've painstakingly edited it, got your beta readers onto it and hired a pro to polish it and make it shiny. But guess what? All that is going to mean precisely jack if you front cover looks like this; But wait! Aren't we all taught as toddlers that most … Continue reading Don’t judge me