Don’t judge me

So you've written your epic novel. You've painstakingly edited it, got your beta readers onto it and hired a pro to polish it and make it shiny. But guess what? All that is going to mean precisely jack if you front cover looks like this; But wait! Aren't we all taught as toddlers that most … Continue reading Don’t judge me


So here's a question to all those who have gone before me and have a book(s) published. I don't care if it's indie publishing or traditional, my question remains the same. How the bleep did you do it? I posted off a query email to my local ISBN Agency just asking about purchasing ISBNs for … Continue reading Overwhelmed

It’s a question of editing

We've all heard various writers, agents, publishers and editors say "always hire a professional editor." This is never more correlated than where self-publishing is concerned.  So my question is this; are editors really necessary. Let's assume that you are a writer of some skill. Let's also assume you go through the many number of drafts … Continue reading It’s a question of editing