Is there a write time?

So, I've had a busy week publicizing the first installment of The Armageddon Showdown series - Guns of Perdition (my debut novel), and I'd love to say thanks to everyone who has supported my release! But, aside from promotion, I've also been doing a bit of work on Book 2 - Sins of the Lamb.... Continue Reading →

All in the name of fact-checking

My God, the things we writers research! I caught myself today looking up mid-Victorian era menstrual hygeine. I had to stop for a moment and wonder 'am I really looking up how women in olden days managed their periods? Yup, sure am!' This got me thinking about some of the other things I've researched recently, such... Continue Reading →

Editing is Important

So, if you've been following my blog for any length of time you'll know I've been wrangling with my debut novel - Guns of Perdition - for a few years. I wrote it, rewrote it, edited, edited some more, edited again, printed and edited, beta'd, edited, and edited again. The dang thing had to be perfect... Continue Reading →

The Right Way to Write

I need some discipline. No, not that kind of discipline. I mean discipline in my writing. My hit and miss approach to writing is really not working. I have creative spurts where I write furiously for days, weeks, months and get great slabs of my book(s) written, then go off the rails and write nothing for months.... Continue Reading →

The Write Way?

Do you ever write scenes (or chapters, or parts) out of order? I've always written from the start to the finish in the past, however I'm contemplating skipping Part III of my current WIP and writing Part IV first. The reason being, Part IV directly relates to events in the previous Book, and I intend... Continue Reading →

Small Progress

Some small progress made today. I edited another 10 chapters in my WIP (Guns of Perdition) and am now over half-way through what I consider to be my final edit. I'm amending some plot points found by dear beta readers, fixing grammar, and tightening, tightening, tightening. I estimate it'll be another two to three weeks... Continue Reading →

Fictional Bad Boys

In a recent post, Staci Troilo asked some interesting questions about Fictional Bad Boys. She was inspired by a post from Legends of Windermere where Charles postulated three questions relating to Fictional Bad Boys. As my own love of fiction is anything to do with anti-heroes and bad boys, I couldn't resist giving this topic... Continue Reading →

Road Block

As mentioned previously, I've been away sick but am now almost completely back 'on deck', so to speak. This doesn't mean my 'mojo' is back - in fact, I'm having trouble picking up the pen again. However, this - I've come to realise - is not directly related to being sick. I've been procrastinating and... Continue Reading →

Avena Sativa… and a few other things.

"Avena Sativa"... it means - greetings in a non-human language? Character name for a mouthy half-human, half-elf archer? Capitol city in a mystical land? Nah... it's actually the Latin name for 'oat extract'. I read it on my shampoo bottle and thought 'wow, that sounds cool'! So, why am I talking about the soothing ingredients... Continue Reading →

What Made You? Top Five TV Shows…

After an initial idea from Mae Clair, over at Story Empire, I've been inspired to write a series of posts exploring the multimedia that impacted, inspired and impressed me... and essentially, made me the writer and person I am today. Over this series of posts, I will be exploring the books that influenced my writing, the movies... Continue Reading →

Weighed Down

Do you ever feel weighed down by your current WIP (or series)? I'm a creative person. My brain is always ticking. I usually get three or four ideas a day for stories, characters, settings, plots (etc). However, because I'm in the middle of a (stalled) WIP series, I feel I can't act on anything new. I... Continue Reading →

Writing Platforms

Quick question  - what do you write on? Word? Scrivener? Something else? How do you find it? Positives and negatives? I ask because I've used Scrivener for Book 1 of my WIP, and love the compartmentalization it offers, but hate that I have to use it on only one PC. I also hate that when... Continue Reading →

What Made You? Top Five Books…

Dear Mae Clair, over at Story Empire, posted an interesting commentary on the five books that had an impact on her; essentially the books that helped make her, well, her! It got me thinking about the things that have made us. The books that influenced our writing, the movies that shaped our views of the... Continue Reading →

The Writing Magic

Why do we write? During the long hours of editing, the critiques and rewrites, the formatting and marketing, we might find ourselves asking this... why the hell do we write? We write for when the Writing Magic happens. As a planster (a plotter AND a panster) I have an outline divided into chapters, each chapter... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the Point of View

Dear esteemed writerly fellows, I have a POV question! I'm in the process of outlining The Armageddon Showdown Book II (yes, and still editing Book I), and am trying to decide which POV to use. Book I was third-person limited, which worked quite well, however I am toying with third-person multiple (albeit limited to two characters), for... Continue Reading →

What Inspires You?

What inspires your writing? D Wallace Peach mused about reading and how it impacts your writing, but what else impacts or inspires you and your writing? For me, it's mostly music and images. To that end, here's a couple of things that inspired Guns of Perdition. Bringing Home The Rain - The Builders and the... Continue Reading →

Advice Post Publication

I've been trawling the internet for information and advice about 'what next' after publishing. I came upon this incredible article over at Standout Books Publishing Services by Robert Wood, and thought I'd share. It's a breath of fresh air for the newly published writer (or about to be published writer) who is a little (or a... Continue Reading →

Ablaut Reduplication

I find this absolutely fascinating and delightful. Read the below article, and then I dare you to write or say something out of order... "Oh no, it's a black, hairy, big spider!" So wrong.

A WIP No More

Oh my God! My WIP - Guns of Perdition - is finally finished! And it only took 3-something years! Ok, I'll admit it. If I realised it was only going to take me a solid day of writing to get the damn thing finished, I'd have done it last year. But I didn't. Now, I... Continue Reading →

The Land of Words

Come one and all to visit The Land of Words, home of Daniel Scott White - creator and director of the very wonderful Longshot Island magazine (and more recently, Unfit and Unreal Magazines). Daniel was recently extremely proud to have eminent author Daniel Wallace feature in an edition of Longshot Island - Small Choices: "You... Continue Reading →

Excuses and Explanations

No, I haven't done a runner and no I haven't been abducted by space aliens and probed vigorously (well, not that I'm aware of)... But I have been absent on WordPress of late. I have also written a total of ZERO words in the past three weeks. Both of these occurrences are correlated with this; life happens.... Continue Reading →

Damning Google History

All writers can relate to having a damning google history or dubious browser record, right? And now, some of my own... I'm Not a Religious Zealot, I Just Need to Know About Revelations for a Book I'm Not Trying to Breed a Supernatural Dog, I Just Need to Know About the Eating Habits of Chupacabras... Continue Reading →

Sentient Limbs

Pet peeve time again! So, I'm reading a book and suddenly I'm hit with this; Jennifer couldn't let Paul die. Her hand reached for him. Or maybe it's this; Jennifer had to get away fast. Her feet started down the narrow alley. See the irk? See the splinter stuck under my thumbnail? Sentient limbs! Jennifer's... Continue Reading →

…ing verbs!

I just started a book by a prolific author whom I admire greatly (as a person) and before the first chapter is finished I realised it's going to be a DNF (Did Not Finish). The plot might be engaging, I don't know, I haven't gotten far enough in. What's putting me off is the *over-the-top... Continue Reading →

Deep breath… ARGH!!

Sorry. I just had to scream. I am SO close to the end of Guns and have NO time to work on it! Between a demanding job and pain in the arse health issues (yeah and let's add family in there for good measure), I'm just not getting the solid time I need to finish.... Continue Reading →

Lit Power

Literary agent; friend or foe. As I come to the pointy end of my first novel and contemplate how best to publish the beast, Ive begun thinking of all the options available to the burgeoning writer. This has led me to think about literary agents. In days of self-publishing, hybrid publishing, traditional publishing, where, oh... Continue Reading →

Couple Trouble

Following on from my little rant about having trouble reading, being the picky writer I am and thus focusing on grammar over story, I'd like to ask everyone about this little conundrum. Consider this; "A couple days ago, Callie had a premonition that I needed to go to the strait to help." (from "Gods and... Continue Reading →

Why I Can’t Just Read Anymore

So, one thing I've learned as a writer... I can't just read for enjoyment anymore. Being a writer has permanently wrecked reading for me. And that sucks. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. I've recently purchased a new series on Kindle that I don't really know much about - ok,... Continue Reading →


Like the image? It's a metaphor. For me. Right now. I'm mired in the mud. My creative brain has taken a holiday leaving me with anxiety, procrastination and hypersensitivity. Consequently, any work on Guns of Perdition has come, much like this truck, to a grinding, sucking halt. I'm 70% finished my WIP and have the... Continue Reading →

Don’t judge me

So you've written your epic novel. You've painstakingly edited it, got your beta readers onto it and hired a pro to polish it and make it shiny. But guess what? All that is going to mean precisely jack if you front cover looks like this; But wait! Aren't we all taught as toddlers that most... Continue Reading →


So here's a question to all those who have gone before me and have a book(s) published. I don't care if it's indie publishing or traditional, my question remains the same. How the bleep did you do it? I posted off a query email to my local ISBN Agency just asking about purchasing ISBNs for... Continue Reading →

It’s a question of editing

We've all heard various writers, agents, publishers and editors say "always hire a professional editor." This is never more correlated than where self-publishing is concerned.  So my question is this; are editors really necessary. Let's assume that you are a writer of some skill. Let's also assume you go through the many number of drafts... Continue Reading →

Say what?

I saw this post on Pinterest - - and cracked up laughing. How to lengthen your novel? I need, 'how to cut 25 thousand words out'! Tell me, are you and overwriter, and underwriter or just write (see, what I did there?)


I saw that a series of books I've ghost-written has just gone on sale via amazon. I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand I want them to succeed to prove to myself my writing is good, on the other hand, if they do succeed I'll be crushed. Anyone else a ghostwriter out... Continue Reading →

Writer things

You know you're a writer when you leave a note stuck to your computer that says 'don't forget about Johnny's broken ribs!' Or you could also be a loan shark...

Where do you do your writing? 

Where do you do your writing? Have you ever tried to write somewhere other than your nook? Do you frequently write elsewhere? I remember reading how J K Rowling wrote Harry on the train on her way to work - not sure if it's true or not but if so, bloody hell! How's she do... Continue Reading →

Two booms and a huh?

So I had two booms and a huh? moment today. If you don't speak 'Jessica' you'll have no idea what gibberish I'm spouting, and since only three other people that I know of speak 'Jessica', let me explain... My first boom was learning Scrivener today. I looked at a few tutorials, thought blah! and just... Continue Reading →

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