Stoic Characters and a Bastard Overlord God-Author

So, I was cleaning the stove top the other day, and scraped my finger on a sharp edge. I got a two millimeter cut as a result. Barely even bled. No bandaid required. But it did sting in the shower that night. A tiny, minuscule cut, and it stung like a bugger. This got me … Continue reading Stoic Characters and a Bastard Overlord God-Author

The Plight of Grammar in Writing

Fascinating post. How do YOU approach grammar and punctuation? Is it a guide to help a reader follow your story, or is it the be all end all, unbreakable set of rules to be adhered at all costs?

A Writer's Path

by Doug Lewars

“have it your talking may about you Good can’t what to to reader overrated you’re some idea grammar if ignored. when be but be want writing it entirely comes”

The above is a random collection of words – literally random – I used a random number generator in Excel to produce them; however, before being randomized they were once a coherent sentence. The original sentence was ‘Good grammar may be overrated when it comes to writing but it can’t be entirely ignored if you want your reader to have some idea what you’re talking about.’

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A Writer’s Treasure

Check out this early birthday present from my wonderful husband; Know what that is? It's a WATERPROOF NOTEPAD! No more ideas down the drain! These magical Aqua Notes come all the way from America (because we're so backwards down here in Aus we barely have plumbing yet), and are a godsend to all those deep … Continue reading A Writer’s Treasure