Shadowland, A horror anthology (The Box Under The Bed Book 6)

Take a look at this!

Dan Alatorre has compiled and edited Shadowland, Book 6 in the Box Under the Bed Horror Anthology series.

My short story Hide and Seek appears in this anthology and it is quite a different tale to any of my others to date.

You can listen to the beginning of Hide and Seek here:


From the creators of the #1 bestselling horror anthologyThe Box Under The Bedand its FOUR #1 bestselling sequels:

Wealthy eccentric Dr. Aumental tasks his Literary Arts students with tracking down and exploring the root elements of horror stories and ancient folklore they’ve known since they were children, allowing them to travel anywhere in the world. As each group of students embarks on their journeys, they encounter legends, fantasies, lies – and the awful truths none of them could ever have imagined.

* After a cave-in, a mine foreman stumbles upon a deadly buried…

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