Getting to Know You – What’s Your D&D Class?

We start to get to know one another pretty well here in our little community. We share stories that come from the heart, putting our purest, deepest selves down on “paper”.

But there are probably some basic things about each other that we don’t know – the sorts of things we’d probably tell each other in the first hour of meeting face to face. The mundane things. The usually boring normal things discussed over coffee at a Starbucks.

So, I’m going to ask you a few personal questions. Hit me up in the comments section, and share:

What’s your D&D Class?

While D&D to the uninitiated might sound like something involving whips, chains, and sexual appetites, it actually refers to Dungeons and Dragons, the classic role-playing game (RPG).

If you’re not familiar with D&D or RPGs, depending on your platform, you pick or roll a class, develop your character, and take him/her into fierce battle (usually alongside your team of other fantastical desperados). D&D games are traditionally tabletop games involving die and a dungeon master, but can also be played on computers and consoles, or even Live-Action (LARPing).

Regardless of the medium, one commonality in D&D gaming, is the selection of a class for your character. You can choose between the traditional, Fighter, Knight, Wizard, and Rogue classes, or sometimes you may be allowed to wing further afield and choose from other archetypes such as Druid, Cleric, Monk…

So, I put it to you, if you could choose any D&D class, what would you choose?

Me? I’m hands down, easily-picked, no thought needed, a Necromancer. There’s something about being the master of death that absolutely tickles my fancy. Whether commanding hordes of undead to do my bidding, or snatching the souls of the living, I love every aspect of the bone-clad, white-haired Necromancer. So much so, that I have a fantasy trilogy in mind that features a Necromancer as the main character (the images used in this post are part of my inspiration gallery for this upcoming as-yet unnamed trilogy*).

So, yeah, call me a lich, call me the Queen of Bones, but for me, it’s go Necromancer or go home!

What about you? What’s your D&D Class?

Let’s get to know each other!

*All pictures sourced from Pinterest

21 thoughts on “Getting to Know You – What’s Your D&D Class?

  1. I don’t play DnD, so I hope I don’t say something silly, but I’d be a monk and live with my other monkish friends in an isolated area and work the wheat fields and bake bread and sell it to the locals to support the quest.

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  2. It’s hard to say with me. Most people would say that I would be a cleric but what do they know? When I played D&D many years ago, I had the half-orc fighter/assassin character and the DM said I was more imaginative playing that character than any other of my characters.

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  3. My son is in three D&D groups, but I’m not sure which class he is – I’m thinking he might be a wizard. He’s also the DM for one game. I have no idea what I’d choose – if there was a blend of fighter, knight, and wizard, I’d probably jump on it.

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  4. Is there an old-crone class? I’d live in the hills in a home with a grassy roof. I’d collect herbs and make potions and magical concoctions. I’d be able to converse with animals, knowing all their languages. I’d have power over the elements. At times my ways might seem evil, but I have the wisdom for foresight and sometimes the means will justify the end.

    That was fun! And a trilogy with a main character who’s a necromancer!!! How awesome is that! I love unlikely protagonists, and there is so much you can do with that. 🙂

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    1. Haha, that’s a great class for you, D. Though we might just call her ‘witch’ class instead of old-crone!

      Yeah I’m looking forward to the necromancer series… just a little thing called existing WIP in my way 😣

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  5. When D&D was in its infancy I played around with it a few times. I was an elf, but I honestly don’t remember much more than that. Today, I think I’d be some kind of storyteller. I’d say bard, but I can’t sing or play a musical instrument, so you see how that becomes a problem, LOL.

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