#BadMoonRising Author Preview #horror #paranormal #supernatural #indieauthors

Wooooo! Do you feel scared yet? Halloweeeeeen is coming, and so is Bad Moon Rising!

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I can’t believe it’s that time again.  This year has flown by, but I think most of us will be happy to see it end.  In the meantime, how about we have some fun meeting new authors, learning more about them with entertaining interviews, and finding some spooky reads?  Bad Moon Rising is thirty-one days of horror, paranormal, supernatural, and thriller indie authors throughout the month of October.  With adult, young adult, and children’s stories, there’s something for everyone.

Below is a roster of the authors participating throughout the month.  Make sure to check back every day in October, and please share on your social media.  The fun starts on Thursday, so get ready!

C.S. Boyack
John W. Howell
Cage Dunn
Carol B. Allen
Victoria Zigler
Jessica Bakkers
Paula Cappa
Jonathan Pongratz
Matt Doyle
Jean M. Roberts
Laya V. Smith
Sue Rovens
Mae Clair
Jina S. Bazzar
Audrey Driscoll

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