Sins of the Lamb teaser

Ever wondered how Grace Dyer, that uncouth gunfighter from the Wild West, might behave at a swanky dinner party? Well, here’s a sneak peek (extracted from Sins of the Lamb, The Armageddon Showdown Book II):

Ethel launched into an excited description of her upcoming gala event. 

“It will be the ritziest blow of the century! A masquerade ball. Everyone will wear their swankiest get up. There will be jazz and the tango, the foxtrot and the Charleston. Gin and cocktails, mystery and romance…” As she trailed off, she reached across the table and caught Ruby’s hand in hers. The madame bestowed one of her brilliant smiles on Ethel before flicking a quick glance at Grace and Abigail. 

Abigail had no idea what that glance meant, only that Ruby was already scheming.  

Grace exhaled noisily, tossed her fork on the table, and scraped back her chair. Evidently, she too could not decipher Ruby’s machinations. With all eyes on her, she rose to her feet.  

The table jerked as Kaga clambered out from beneath the low-hanging white linen and appeared at Grace’s side.  

Ethel and Ruby turned to Grace as one, twin frowns flickering across their plucked brows. “Is something the matter, bebette?” Ruby asked softly.
Grace picked her front teeth and rolled her tongue across her gums before answering.  

“Naw, just all this fancy grub’s given me a touch of the rumble belly. Gotta go take a necessary.” 

Ruby’s eyes narrowed at Grace’s vulgarity, while Ethel blinked in apparent confusion, perhaps deciding whether she’d misheard, or had indeed interpreted the woman’s words correctly. 

Down the other end of the table, Boothe snorted.  

Always choose your dinner guests wisely! Missed out on Book I of The Armageddon Showdown; Guns of Perdition? Get your copy HERE

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