Australia is NOT a Third World Country, People!

Sometimes I hate living Down Under.

I miss out on stuff because of our time difference (or else it makes it really hard to participate), shipping from other countries is a nightmare (and thanks, Amazon, it cost me over $80 to get two copies of my OWN book sent to me).

And now, I find out that Bookbub is essentially useless to me down here. I signed up, added myself as a reader and author, made a profiles, added some author friends…then noticed a few tumbleweeds blowing about the place. I mean, there was nothing – nothing – to see on my author friends’ profiles except a two paragraph bio. Where were their books? How could I see what they’ve written that I haven’t read yet? Worse, how could I upload reviews?

I contacted Bookbub only to be told: “Unfortunately, the Author Profiles on the BookBub Australia site are quite limited and do not include all features available on the US site. We’re always working to improve the site experience for all book lovers, and encourage you stay tuned!”

Seriously?! So what the bleep is the point of me even being on there? I can’t support anyone. I can’t even FIND anyone.

So annoyed.

I won’t even start on how difficult it is to work with… Instead, I think I’ll go have a tinny on the dunny with Jonno, cause we’re obviously thick as two short planks down under, and ain’t worth the big blokes’ time or effort.

Unrelated but fun – while I’m here, lamenting about all things OZ, I wanted to share this meme, just for Marcia Meara. She knows why 😉

Literally Just 100 Fucking Hilarious Australian Memes

34 thoughts on “Australia is NOT a Third World Country, People!

  1. Lol Jessica… I know where you are coming from.. but as an international author you can join Bookbub US.. and Ireland does not even have an Amazon site we have to buy everything through the UK site.. 80 dollars for your author copies is crazy… hopefully things will improve and I certainly don’t think of Australia as a third world country… a lot more of us would end up there if we were let

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  2. That would annoy the heck out of me, Jess, especially that shipping cost. Honestly? It can’t possibly cost that much to ship two books. And sorry about the US-this and US-that. I don’t understand why, in this tech-savvy world, it isn’t seamless. There are times when I want to gift kindle books to readers around the world and can’t. I don’t get it.

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      1. My great uncle asked me one time if I thought he smelled like shipe. I didn’t understand him so I asked him what he was talking about. He then said he was told Aussies eat a lot of lamb and smelled like shipe. Got it, sheep. No, he did not smell like sheep. Very gulliable that uncle.

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  3. I’ve heard BB sucks for most everyone outside of the U.S.
    So sorry, but I’m glad you joined. At least I can post reviews of YOUR books there 🙂
    And now please translate. What is: a tinny on the dunny with Jonno?

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  4. I have a lot of international friends and hear this all the time. For the life of me, with all the preaching of a global community, global marketplace, and several other buzz words, WHY? The whole thing is absurd, particularly when we’re talking bits of electronic information. Be they ebooks, websites, or social media. Even the shipping seems absurd.

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