Book Review – Viral Blues – C.S. Boyack

After reading – and thouroughly enjoying – C.S. Boyack’s romp, “The Hat”, I knew I had to follow up as soon as possible with “Viral Blues”.

Viral Blues (The Hat Book 2) by [C. S. Boyack]Going into “Viral Blues”, I expected another funny, entertaining (and deadly) adventure featuring Lizzie St Laurent and her talking hat. What I didn’t expect was an esemble piece featuring the weirdest gang of superheroes since the Suicide Squad. While at first, I was a bit shocked by the addition of Gina and her Blunderbuss, Clovis and his attitude, Lisa and her outrageous sense of style, I quickly adopted them into my heart and accepted that in this adventure, yeah, Lizzie and the Hat definitely needed a little more firepower.

Going up against zombies, mobsters, and a mutating deadly virus, each member of the team reveals a unique talent that helps them battle the evil forces arrayed against them. For someone who hasn’t yet read the origin stories of the other superheroes, this was my first introduction to Lisa and her robotic talents, Jason and his foggy endeavours, and Clovis and his, well, Clovisness! Learning about these guys has definitely made me want to seek out their origin stories!

Boyack’s usual wry sense of humour is present in spades, as his action-oriented, almost comic-book-like writing style, but, as with The Hat, underpinning the humour and the kaboom of the story is heart. The relationships between this group of mismatched heroes are genuine and heartfelt. Lisa takes everyone under her wing like a mother hen, Gupta is the cautious overseeing ‘dad’ of the group, and Clovis…well, he’s the big bad brother. And you’d do well not to mess with his ‘siblings’.

If you haven’t gathered yet, I totally loved “Viral Blues” and will be waiting (im)patiently for more Lizzie and the Hat, hopefully with a few cameos from The Society’s best bunch of rogues.

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43 thoughts on “Book Review – Viral Blues – C.S. Boyack

      1. If you like Clovis, you’ll love The Playground. It’s not funny, but it’s chock full of my favorite antihero. It’s hard to pick a favorite of his stories, and we all know I’m the root monsters’ biggest fan, but The Playground and Will O’ the Wisp really stand out to me.

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  1. I have this book awaiting me on my Kindle, and this review has just encouraged me to bump it UP, for sure. Great to read how much you enjoyed it, Jessica, and congratulations on another wonderful review, Craig! Can’t wait to find out just how much Clovisness Clovis exudes. 😀

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  2. You really hit on all the things that make Viral Blues so special, Jess. I loved having the whole wild and eclectic group together in this tale.
    Super review and so well deserved for Craig!

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