A Brief Update

Morning all isolated folks! Hope everything is going well in your part of the world. Here, down under, we’re practicing social isolation, though some of us are still coming to work (ie, me).

I haven’t touched the WIP in months, despite being only a quarter of the way from publish-ready. I’ve just lost all enthusiasm for writing/editing. Must dig deep and get it done; perhaps then, after some actual readers read it and I start getting feedback, I might be enthused again to pick up the pen and continue with Book II.

How are you all doing in this weird world we’ve found ourselves in? Is your country isolating, or business as usual? Has isolation/quarantine affected your writing at all? Drop me a comment and say g’day! Stay safe all.

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  1. The quarantine hasn’t made any difference to my writing. I have to work from home, and account for my time, so it isn’t like I’m getting extra writing time. I’ve been making the best of the time I get and moved both stories ahead. Did you get a new picture? I like it.

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  2. Great to hear from you Jess. Things this way are okay. Since I have a job that is considered essential, I still go into work and because a quarter of my colleagues have gone down sick or self isolating, I have been getting a good share of overtime. As for writing, I’m just making excuses for myself not to write, especially as the service user who requires 95% of your attention has gone home for the lockdown.

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  3. Oh, don’t get me ranting, Jess. Things in the US are insane. Our Imbecile in Chief is going to kill off as many Americans as possible before he’s done. Ack. So good for you for not living here! Lol. Such a weird time, huh? I do hope you finish your book, but I get it… writing has been slow here too. Anyway, be well and take good care of yourself. ❤

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    1. Imbecile in Chief… love it. I admit, every time we turn on the tv and he’s on saying something ridiculous I shake my head and feel sorry for America. I can’t believe how many people have died over there! It’s just awful 😓
      I hope you’re lying low and taking care ❤️

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      1. Hahahaha! I said the same thing to my husband this morning (no offence). We’re now seeing people over there are protesting having to isolate? What the hell? I’m going to protest staying safe and healthy!!

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