21 thoughts on “INFJs, Introverts & Inspiration

      1. Hey ! How are you?
        Yep I disappeared and reappeared again.
        But I shall always find you becAuse you were one of my first ever blogging friends and
        I can’t stay away! Heart you too much
        How’s the hubby? life treating you guys well?
        All the hugs from very far far away !😘

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      2. I haven’t been around much either. My writing mojo has gone, I’m procrastinating badly on finishing my book, and I don’t have much to say in the way of original blog content. Waiting for major inspiration to sweep me up again 🙂
        Now this Coronavirus thing has our country in a panic, and I’ve got to calm 150 residents over 70 who are (rightly) concerned. My “free” time just got a lot less free!


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