Spring Vacation

We’re about to head off for a couple of weeks’ vacation. First, to Australia’s National Capital (Canberra) for some museum hopping, to check out the National War Memorial, and to see the National Zoo (watch this space for “cute” Australian wildlife pics). Then we’re headed to the Gold Coast (think California) for sun, sea, sand, and shopping.

To say I’m looking forward to it would be the understatement to end all understatements.

It’s been a CHAOTIC couple of weeks. I haven’t gotten any writing done, but I have got my first book (Guns of Perdition/GoP) back from the editor, and now have to implement her changes. Then, that’s it. It’s ready.

However, as I’m writing Book 2 (Sins of the Lamb), I’m finding myself popping back to Book 1 to change a few things, or add in some foreshadowing. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this is making me question whether to pub GoP yet or hold off a bit. So, I’ve decided to at least hold off until next year. 2020 sounds like a good year to publish a debut book, and it’s still before I hit my 40th birthday (2021) which has always been a long goal of mine. So I apologise to anyone wanting a 2019 GoP release; it’ll be Feb/March at the earliest now.

To make up for this catastrophic setback to all my hordes of readers, I promise some brilliant snaps of our impending vacation – and yes, I’ll even be in a couple of them (breaking my love of anonymity and all).

During the meanwhile, there’ll be a few scheduled posts to keep you entertained, and for those of you attempting NaNo – good luck, and see you all soon!


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  1. Fraser Coast is a nice place to visit too! 😀 (It’s where I live)

    We’ve got a nice resort on Fraser Island and whale watching, plus we’re close to the Great Barrier Reef!

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