Writing Mojo

I’ve got the mojo at the moment. I’ve managed 2,500 words on my WIP  in the past two days.

I’m putting it down to having finished the computer game that was devouring my free time (*cough* Witcher 3 *cough*), and getting my ass into gear. Part II of Book II is now shaping up (just don’t mention the fact there are VII parts to Book II!)

And now for a quote from today’s session:

“I don’t give a whapping horse fart how he knows what he knows… the fact is, these folks are bad medicine. Something illy happened to them, and we don’t want to be fiddle-faddling around here when whatever it was that happened happens. So, let’s just quit beating the devil round the old stump, and buckle to.”

– NOTE: A particularly tricky speech but it’ll make sense in context!

It’s great to be writing again!

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