Writing Platforms

Quick question  – what do you write on? Word? Scrivener? Something else?

How do you find it? Positives and negatives?

I ask because I’ve used Scrivener for Book 1 of my WIP, and love the compartmentalization it offers, but hate that I have to use it on only one PC. I also hate that when I send it for editing/beta reading, I have to export to Word first, then translate comments and changes back into Scrivener.

On the other hand, Word offers me the ability to access and write anywhere (thanks to the cloud), and comments/fixes from editors and betas can be changed easily. However, one long large doc gets unwieldy and difficult to manage, and it’s difficult to find certain scenes/chapters.


17 thoughts on “Writing Platforms

  1. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Word years. I tried Scrivener for a while, and I agree that there are advantages. But I’ve found myself going back to Word again and again. Now it’s all I use. I guess I’m just more comfortable with it.

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  2. When I replaced my PC, Microsoft started charging for its packages like Word. Therefore, I use a type of Word called Apache Open Office. It does work for me although the spell check can be a nightmare. According to it, every word you type is spelled wrong. Maybe I should stop being so tight and get Word.

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  3. I use Word. For this current WIP I kept each scene in a clearly labeled, separate Word doc until I rewrote and edited and switched scenes around (and deleted some), and THEN I put it all in one doc. It was easier for me to handle that way.

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  4. I use Apple Pages. I also have to convert to Word to send out sections, and have started using a formatter to get my publishable copy. I love the cloud usage and can use any of my devices and Mac to work on a project.

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  5. You know, I never thought I could only use Scrivener on one PC. That just killed the deal for me (I was thinking of purchasing and learning it), but I write on 3 different computers. 2 are Macs and 1 is a Windows PC (lunch breaks only).

    I’ve used Word for decades and it works great for me. I haven’t had problems with long documents. I’m usually able to find what I need quickly. I guess I’ll stay a Word girl indefinitely.

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  6. I swear by Scrivener. I thought they had an online feature.

    There’s an online version similar called StoryShop that’s on version 2 and isn’t bad. We use it at work, so I’m not sure what the price is.

    There’s a free online novel-writing program called Hive Word (hiveword.com) that’s also similar. The user interface isn’t fabulous, but it’s free and online. You can export to a Word doc (.rtf) but you’ll have some cleaning up to do. Still, it’s free. And there’s a “plus” version (paid; don’t know the price) that gives you even more options.

    Hope that helps.

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