Stay on Target

Okay, so this is the plan…

2000 (approx) words = 1 chapter

2 chapters a week = (approx) 1 Part per month

7 Parts = 7 months

7 months = 1 complete manuscript, (ie) Book 2 – Sins of the Lamb

It’s just a simple mathematical equation really.

So, by this logic, I have one weekend left in March to produce 1.5 chapters to stay on target this month!

No pressure.

Do you map out your WIPs? Do you work better with a deadline, self-imposed or external dead-line? What are your methods to stick to your deadlines?


24 thoughts on “Stay on Target

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  1. Oh yes, I definitely map out plans like you do. These past few weeks, though, I’ve been putting my process in place (making sure I have no distractions when I sit down to write, stuff like that) before aiming for the day’s goal. It’s really helping!

    So you got 3000 words to write this weekend? You can do it! Here I am, cheering you on! Go, Jessica, go!

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  2. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan, Jess!

    I haven’t had a choice about deadlines as all but 3 of my books have been through publishing contracts. That means I have to produce by deadline. How do I manage it? I panic a lot 😉

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  3. I map out my books and my series, and I have daily word targets I try to hit. The biggest problem for me is when I lose writing days to editing projects. Then sometimes I have to write a little more to hit my completion goal. I’ve learned to build in buffers, though. It helps, but sometimes I’m still scrambling in the end.

    Fingers crossed you meet your target this month!

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  4. Hi, Jessica! That’s pretty cool. If only I could stick to that. I do set a deadline for myself and I try very hard to stick to it. I write every day but one day I may write 3000 words and another day it could be 500 words, it depends on a lot of things. The best of luck with your WIP. Happy Writing!
    😀 xo

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