Misery Me

I’m feeling a bit miserable this week. The Day Job has been Busy with a capital B. I have had no writing time this week. And, to top it all off, I have a mystery tummy thing that’s doing my absolute head in. Off for some tests next week to try and uncover what’s going on. The only silver lining is that while I’m preparing for the test (and recovering), I may be able to sneak in some writing time.

However, when I feel rough, stressed or down, I tend to not write. I don’t have the energy, inclination or talent to do so.

How about you? Do you find your health and mental state get in the way of your writing? How do you pick yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps?

31 thoughts on “Misery Me

  1. Aw…Bakkers xx

    So sorry you’re feeling glum. And tummy troubles are the effing WORST

    Let us know what happens with that.

    My mental state always affects my writing.
    In the past I used to write darker poetry when I was feeling really down. I struggle with depression so it comes and goes, often difficult to understand, even for me, never mind others! Now I try to find the reason far beyond what is depressing me, try to find why am I feeling this way now and how will it bring something good. I’ll write something a bit sad but try to find a silver lining as you say.
    It always helps

    Many hugs and kiss

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  2. For me… I try my best to write as many days ahead as I can. That has been as many as seven or eight posts. One time I was down with a back issue I wrote a simple “ugh!” With a pic of a guy with a back issue. Ha
    Get well soon!

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  3. Oops! I hit reply before I was ready. What I was going to say was that words just end up jumbled in my head and refuse to line up in any kind of sensible order. It is, however, time I use to plot, or sometimes read. Fingers crossed you feel better soonest!

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    1. Haha, yes true! I remember giving a character a hell of a time last time I write when I was miserable. Poor guy. I’d better get a bit better before continuing on with the WIP. Thanks Jacqui 🤗


  4. I take a break and do some reading. Sadly sometimes my break is a lot longer than it should be. I’ve had spells where I wanted to write, but none of my characters were talking. I hope you feel better soon. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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