A Thrill and Indecision

Goddamn what a fucking thrill it is the first time you see your front cover! Especially for your debut novel!

That was my joy yesterday when my extremely talented cover artist, Jennifer, from Indie Designz, showed me the first draft of Guns of Perdition. Thrilled is actually downplaying how I felt.

So now I’m back to that old dilemma, when do I release ‘Guns’? I’d initially planned to release it as soon as it was ready. Then I decided – as it’s Book 1 of a series – to wait until Book 2 was written and Book 3 on the way. Now… well, now I want it out there because it’s so very pretty! Also, I’m a realist. I know I won’t make any money or get a lot of reads on Book 1… probably not 2 or 3 either, so does it really matter when I release this series?

Maybe the decision is moot anyhow. I have beta-reading lined up for ‘Guns’, and then likely more editing, so while that happens, perhaps I’ll have cracked on enough with Book 2 to release it (Guns). I am already on Chapter 3 of Book 2… 3 of about 50 though!

Much to muse upon.

PS: The cover in question shall be revealed at a later date… most likely when I’ve decided on that illusive release date!



29 thoughts on “A Thrill and Indecision

  1. You tempt us with the notion of a cover … yet must wait longer! 😀😀 So many decisions and hopefully other indie authors who have written series books will be able to help you decide what is best. Good luck!

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  2. I’m afraid I haven’t got any good advice because I haven’t worked it out for myself yet. I’m on the third novel in a series and I still haven’t released Book 1. I find as I progress through the series I keep having to go back and change things in the earlier books. I don’t plan to stop at Book 3, either, so goodness knows when any of them will be released. I agree with you, it is a dilemma!

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