A Writer’s Nightmare

**Warning, maudlin post ahead**

It’s been a crap week.

First, The Day Job has been unbelievably busy and extra demanding this week. We’ve had a mammoth amount of social functions, nice weather (which brings everyone out for a chat), and a medical emergency which required hubby to perform half an hour of very graphic CPR on a resident. The bright spot is the resident is likely going to make a full recovery (thanks largely to the efforts of hubby).

However, all that translates to only three chapters of the WIP edited.

Add to that my birthday (which I genuinely loathe for a number of reasons), and visitors this weekend (who took me away from working on the WIP), and you’ve got yourself an extremely grumpy writer today.


I intend to bury myself in editing today to make up for it, however, my schedule’s been pushed back and I’m facing another week of delays next week due to another stuffed social calendar at The Day Job, followed by more family commitments next weekend.

It’s a writer’s nightmare.

Any words of wisdom from others out there struggling to find / make time for writing when life “happens”?

On the WIP front, I’ve decided once I finish editing Book 1, and send it to beta readers, I’m going to get stuck into writing Book 2 without my intended break between books. This is because I’m worried if I release Book 1 this year, there’ll be another great gap between the release of 1 and 2… especially if life continues to “happen”. So I may end up having to delay the release of 1 while I finish 2. In other words, Guns of Perdition still might not see the light of day this year.

Anyone else out there struggling with release timelines for their book series?

Hope you’ve all been having a more productive week!


14 thoughts on “A Writer’s Nightmare

  1. I think using your intended break to work is your solution, and probably every writer has had to use up their planned days off, so you’re in good company.

    And can I just say, WAY TO GO re your husband’s CPR!

    Well, screw the birthday then. Happy You Day!

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  2. First, cheers to your hubby.

    Second, celebrate your birthday. I know how you feel (believe me, I do), but having a birthday certainly beats the alternative.

    Three, I’m having a release schedule issue, too. There’s a new philosophy now that you should write and bank your series so you can release the books in quick succession. I was going to re-release Nightforce (after making a few changes), but now I’m holding off until I have more of it done and can release them all quickly. Food for thought for you. Whatever you opt to do, I’m cheering you on!

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    1. Thanks Staci. Yes, I’ve heard that suggestion and I’m seriously thinking of putting it into action. Or at least releasing one and two fairly close then having a small wait for three. It depends, after editing, how much time I can put into writing. Things to ponder.

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  3. Wow! Your husband deserves many accolades for what he did. I’m so glad the resident is going to be okay, thanks to his actions!

    I actually enjoy birthdays despite the fact I’m aging, My family was always big on celebrating them, so think that philosophy has stuck in my head. I think you should celebrate regardless 🙂

    As for the WIP, releases and life–ugh! Life always seems to get in the way of writing plans and there is no easy workaround. I do, however, think you are smart in holding book 1 if you think there is going to be a huge gap before book 2. It gives you a safety cushion because real life will most assuredly get in the way again!

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    1. Thanks Mae. Yeah hubby was a real hero that day and we were so thankful the resident is going to be ok.

      I’m leaning more and more to holding the release now. If it’s taken me so long to find time to write and edit this book, I can’t promise it won’t take as long or longer for book ii. I know I hate reading a series and it’s such a long time between releases (looking at you here George Martin). I lose interest… and that’s with a respectable writer who I’m already a fan of, let alone a newbie.
      Thanks for stopping by 🤗

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  4. Happens to me all the time. Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes the hydrant. I’m already screwed on my sequel. Book one is out, and book two isn’t started. I’ll have releases in between, for what that’s worth.

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