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Hi, SEers! It’s time for another Mae Day on Story Empire.  I’m going to preface this post by saying I’m not an editor or expert, but I do make an effort to write tight when composing. Part of that involves eliminating filler words such as that, just, really, very, slightly, and only among others. Most writers know to scour their manuscript and weed out fillers. But how else can you write tight?

the word tight highlighted in a dictionaryADVERBS
As Stephen King likes to point out—eliminate adverbs. I soften that to “avoid them.” Some are necessary, others may enrich a passage. It’s your call on how stringently you adhere to Mr. King’s  advice. Note the adverb? I thought it worked here. 

English is filled with redundant expressions, many that transfer into our writing. Do any from the list below sound familiar? I’m guilty of allowing several to slip into my WIPs.

Quick glimpse…

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