It’s been a very busy week in my day job this week. Unfortunately, that translates to ‘it’s been a crap writing week’, or rather, editing week. I’ve hardly looked at my manuscript all week. I’m intending to do a lot this weekend, however I’m nursing a bit of a sinus infection so I mightn’t get much done.

What I have had time to do this week, is research and planning.

I’ve done some preliminary research on Kindle Direct Publishing… and gotten myself all overwhelmed and confused. I plan to bring in the big guns this weekend to help me get my head around it (the big guns being dear hubby).

I’ve done some planning for the all-important front cover, to the point of engaging with an artist and getting a date locked in to begin The Task. Pretty excited about that.

I’ve researched what I’d like from beta readers and started working on some questions I’ll be asking them.

I’ve researched an external editor and gotten a price on editing and proofreading my manuscript.

And most importantly, I’ve begun outlining The Armageddon Showdown Book 2 – Sins of the Lamb. I have the beginning and end worked out and just need to flesh out the middle a little more.

I also learned chocolate covered coffee beans are a thing, and that I’m a “planster” writer (that means neither plotter nor panster but a mix of the two).

So, while not as far along on the editing front as I’d like to be, I got a few things achieved.

How about you, how was your week? Did you achieve a few aspirations, or as we painfully say in Australia ‘didja kick a few goals’?

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  1. Anything done is an accomplishment. I’ve made some headway on my story but it seems they haven’t fixed the main problem with my computer so it’s back to the shop with it. At least it will give me time to finish my scribbles. BTW, this response is from my stepson’s laptop.

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  2. Hey, you made a lot of progress! All the things you did accomplish are key to moving a writing project ahead. Time well spent!

    I finished my WIP, met my deadline, and shipped the ms off to my editor yesterday. At this point—after days and days of doing my own pre-edits–I can officially say I’m sick of my story, LOL!

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  3. You made progress this week. Everything you did was value-added. I hope your sinus infection clears up soon. And many thanks for the blog post shout-out! (Now go order yourself some chocolate-covered coffee beans!)

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