15 thoughts on “Ablaut Reduplication

  1. Haha!!!

    Omg, Bakkers. .. I used to teach English as a foreign language for years and teaching students the order of adjectives was HILARIOUS. Never mind all the other weird rules of the English language that have no effing explanation and how many times I had to say, “You know what….it just IS that way!”
    Love this. It’s funny that our ears are tuned to what’s right and what’s wrong. Like we have our native tongue deeply embedded in us and we instinctively know what sounds sane and what sounds nutso.
    Brilliant brain food xxxx

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    1. I know right? I don’t remember ever being overtly taught this but somehow, I just knew, all my life, that certain words have to come first, or as you say, I’ll sound like a madman.
      Black, hairy, big spider! What? Oh she’s just nuts!

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      1. Lol…sounds so wrong! English is soooooooo hard to teach.
        I mean so is Greek but in its complications and 3 different ‘e’ sounds and I don’t know how many ‘i’ sounds and a letter that is actually a ‘ps’ sound, and and a ‘y’ that sounds like a guttural ‘g’ but also a normal ‘y’ sound and don’t even get me started on crazy verb conjugations, it has a lot more logic!
        Effing language…

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