Myths and Truths about Traditional Publishing—What It Was Like for Me.

A damn refreshing, insightful read into the world of traditional publishing. Check it out.

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I came across this post via Chris the Story Reading Ape (a crucial source for publishing tips and news). Steven Spatz, president of, a book packager for independent publishers, lays out “Six Myths (and a Few Facts) about Traditional Publishing.

Just to be clear, “traditional publishing” means having your book produced by an established, for-profit publishing company that will pay you an advance, provide you with an editor and a publicity department, physically manufacture your book—including the cover and format—and, ideally, get it to sell.

In contrast, independent or self-publishing means writing a book and getting it edited, producing a formatted copy with a cover, uploading it as an ebook to an ebook vendor like Amazon or Smashwords or as a “real” book like a paperback or hardcover to a company that “packages” it for you and that may supply some editing, cover production, and marketing, depending…

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4 thoughts on “Myths and Truths about Traditional Publishing—What It Was Like for Me.

  1. I agree with all the points. My experience with traditional publishing was not a good one. I’m so much happier as an indie – my covers are better, my editing is better, my sales are better, and I have greater flexibility with promotion. Great find, Jess.

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    1. Thanks for backing this up Diana, though sad to hear you had a bad experience trad pubbing. I’m glad you didn’t let the experience sour you on writing though 🤗
      I’m now 100% sure I’m doing the right thing!

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