Editing Purgatory

There’s a common saying among writers; editing hell. I submit to you that I’m currently in editing purgatory.

Why purgatory, not hell? Well, the task is hellish. The pain in my back burns like hellfire. My eyes sting like I’m staring over the abyss of eternal torment… but I’m editing in one of the most scenic, picturesque locations in Australia, so some of the sting has definitely been taken from the task!

We’ve taken our long weekend as an opportunity to head to historic Hepburn Springs, where we’ve rented a self-contained spa cottage, and while I edit, hubby gets to chill in the spa or take in nature.

So while I’m tormented over words and grammar, I do get to break it up with some pretty lovely scenery, a spa, some bubbles and some damn good food.

Editing Purgatory… I can take it.


9 thoughts on “Editing Purgatory

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  1. Oooh! And I just spent a full day in my den editing for a deadline, guide to my computer. I’m jealous. Looks absolutely beautiful. Be sure to enjoy all that wonderful scenery while you’re there!

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