The Land of Words

Come one and all to visit The Land of Words, home of Daniel Scott White – creator and director of the very wonderful Longshot Island magazine (and more recently, Unfit and Unreal Magazines).

Daniel was recently extremely proud to have eminent author Daniel Wallace feature in an edition of Longshot Island – Small Choices:

“You probably already know about the acclaimed author Daniel Wallace. His bestselling book, Big Fish, went on to become an award-winning movie directed by Tim Burton… I published a story by Daniel Wallace in my magazine, Longshot Island. It’s a great tale of a man left alone by his wife while she’s having an affair, sent to take a vacation on a strange island.” – Daniel White

You can purchase a copy of the Longshot Island Small Choices edition on sale now (if you’re quick – this is a limited time offer)! I encourage you to get behind this magazine; the stories are fabulous… and you never know who else you might find amongst the authors!


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