Excuses and Explanations

No, I haven’t done a runner and no I haven’t been abducted by space aliens and probed vigorously (well, not that I’m aware of)…

But I have been absent on WordPress of late. I have also written a total of ZERO words in the past three weeks. Both of these occurrences are correlated with this; life happens.


It’s been an insanely busy period in the life of Jess lately. Work (the day job) has been very demanding of late (we’re heading into winter here and the elderly tend to fail in winter). My health has been a bit screwy too, and then I’ve been sinking a lot of hours into computer gaming to keep up my sanity and have some solid introvert time. All in all, it has meant little time for writing.

Also, my muse has decided to go on vacation. I am so close to the end of Guns that I vow to finish it now, however my desire to finish has vanished somewhat.


It’s going to be a tough slog to get there but I’m too close now not to. As for Books II and III in the series… well, they may go on hold while I write something else for a while.

Hope you all are well and happy in your pursuits!

7 thoughts on “Excuses and Explanations

  1. I know how you feel, Jessica. We are also in winter and I was thinking today how it demotivates people.


  2. I’m going through something quite similar right now. Lately, I’ve been reblogging some of my very early stuff, just to keep the blog going. Hang in there girl! And if you ever find out where the Muse hide, let me know, will you? Take care! ❤


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