Deep breath… ARGH!!

Sorry. I just had to scream.

I am SO close to the end of Guns and have NO time to work on it! Between a demanding job and pain in the arse health issues (yeah and let’s add family in there for good measure), I’m just not getting the solid time I need to finish.

Add to that my mutinous brain which spends hours at night – and half an hour in the shower – plotting and changing the manuscript; ideas that I then have to write down or risk forgetting about entirely. My ‘edit jobs’ are now bigger than the actual writing job and include rewriting massive scenes that have POV issues and inserting a new character into the narrative in order to properly set up book ii.

Add to that my same mutinous, STUPID brain is jonesing to get back into writing a completely different series (that is drafted but needs major work). So while I’m trying to work on the mammoth pile of work of Guns, the brain’s going “waaah, I wanna write about the Shadow-Walker.

Repeat; argh!

Ok, that’s out. Off to get a glass of wine and try to drown out the mutinous, STUPID brain tonight.

29 thoughts on “Deep breath… ARGH!!

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  1. Awww…you’re brilliant. Never forget that.

    Remember when we first connected through my…alter ego blog? Seems so long ago. You were working so hard on this book, I’m so in awe of you that you’ve come this far.

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      1. Yesssssssss… ..I got my Bakkers back!

        “Got My Bakkers Back” sounds like your biopic. Or a post…


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  2. I always have a new idea niggling at me, demanding attention and screaming “WRITE ME!” when I’m finishing up a book. It’s a good thing, but it can be wretchedly distracting, LOL. You’re living the writer’s life, Jess. You’ll do it!

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  3. It’s the life of a writer, Jess. Get used to it. But isn’t it wonderful besides making you want to scream? Lol. I’ve found it really helpful to block out hours on my calendar (warn the family) and then honor those chunks of time! And it’s great that you jot down edits and ideas – then you don’t need to think about them. Right? Ha ha. Happy Writing, my friend.

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    1. Honouring my time chunks – yeah that’s a tough one. There’s always something else that seems to need my attention more than my writing. I guess I just have to make my writing the most important thing during those time chunks… which is a very unattractive analogy. Sounds like a disease.

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    1. I’ve thought of that but I need to do a whole bunch of research first for the other one. That’ll take me out of the headspace I need to be in to finish Guns. One is set in 400AD Rome the other 1880s Wild West 🤗

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