Writing Update; Guns Blazing

Another marathon writing session on my WIP today.

6,500K done!

Plagued with the old ‘but is it good enough’ thoughts at the moment but I’m just swallowing those doubts and ploughing on regardless. Can’t let ifs and maybes stymie me.

After a lot of investigation and research, I’ve decided to send Guns off to a few literary agents when it’s done to see how it fares, and give me a good chance to get started on Guns II. Then if I do decide to go indie with Guns, at least I’ll have most of Guns II written so there won’t be a big delay between the books! A lot of the literary agents here in Aus seem like they know their stuff, and if someone else can handle all the post-writing work for me, phew!

For now though, I’ve about another 15 – 20K words, edits, and beta reads to get through.

God, who’d choose to be a writer?

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